The Real Cost of a Hairbrush

Good hair care is something of a top priority for a lot of people. If taking care of your hair isn’t up there for you, it should be. Paying attention to your hair helps to keep it healthy, which ensures it looks good and makes it easier to style too. A quality hairbrush is one of the most important tools you can have for caring for your hair. Investing in a well-made brush can prevent damage to your hair and it can even save you money over time, compared to buying cheaper brushes.

Mason Pearson is a top hairbrush brand, well-known for high-quality brushes. You may have heard of them if you know anything about hair care or if you’ve been searching for the right hairbrush. Buying a Mason Pearson hairbrush is a bit of an investment, but you can find plenty of people who swear by their brushes. Spending a little extra is often worth it if you get more for your money, and Mason Pearson is one of the best options out there when you want a quality hairbrush.

Why Invest in a Good Hairbrush?

You can easily pick up a cheap hairbrush from your nearest chemist’s, supermarket or even pound shop. So why should you consider spending more on a brush? Like any other product, paying a little more can get you better quality. And a quality brush will help you to take better care of your hair, preventing problems that cheap brushes can cause.

The right brush helps you to treat your hair well. When you switch to a well-made brush, you can find that you experience fewer breakages and it makes it easier to keep your hair under control. Some brushes are designed for specific hair types, such as curly hair or particularly thin or thick hair. Another important part of hairbrush design is the handle; if the design is right, the brush is more comfortable to hold. Good quality hairbrushes last longer too. You’ll find yourself spending less on replacements because you have a reliable brush that doesn’t let you down by shedding bristles or falling apart.

Are Mason Pearson Hairbrushes Worth It?

Buying a high-quality product naturally means paying a little more too. But the thought of buying something cheaper, even if it might not be as good, is always tempting. So when you look at Mason Pearson hairbrushes, it’s normal to see the price and wonder whether they’re really worth the cost.

To understand the benefit of a Mason Pearson brush, you need to know how they’re different from other brushes. These brushes are popular with everyone from professionals to people looking for a brush to use at home, and for good reason. Mason Pearson put a lot into the design and production of their brushes to make sure everything is up to a high standard. Their brushes are recognisable for their orange rubber pads, which are handmade and give the brushes a soft cushion. The handle is hand-finished to remove any sharp edges and make it more comfortable to hold.

Mason and Pearson brushes offer some excellent benefits that make them an excellent investment. A quality brush can help to give you healthier hair, offering you the following advantages:

  • Gentle on the hair - Mason Pearson brushes are designed to prevent breakage or pulling so that your hair isn’t damaged when you brush it
  • Detangles with ease - brush out tangles without pulling and without pain to avoid damage or breakage.
  • Good for the scalp - the rubber cushion on Mason Pearson brushes allows the bristles to flex as you brush, instead of remaining rigid. It makes them softer on your scalp and helps to move the natural oils produced by the scalp through the rest of the hair to keep it healthy and hydrated.
  • Long-lasting - if you’re fed up of buying hairbrushes, a Mason Pearson brush can solve the problem. They’re built to last a lifetime, so you shouldn’t need to replace it.

Which Mason Pearson Hairbrush Should I Buy?

If you decide that you want a Mason Pearson hairbrush, you need to decide just which one is right for you. Mason Pearson offers quite an extensive range, which gives you plenty of choice and helps you to find the right brush. There are different types, sizes and colours, with different bristle materials to choose from too. When you’re deciding between their brushes, here are the things that you’ll want to think about.

Bristle Types

The choice of bristle types offered by Mason Pearson means that you can choose bristles that are right for your hair type and needs. They offer different materials that each have their benefits for different levels of hair thickness.

Pure Boar Bristle

Pure boar bristle tufts are made using natural boar hair. Just like your own hair, boar bristle is made from keratin (which is also in your nails and skin). This helps the bristles to absorb the natural oils produced by your scalp and distribute them through your hair. Boar bristles are fairly soft, so they’re gentle on your hair, and this also makes boar bristle brushes best for fine to normal hair. Pure boar bristle brushes from Mason Pearson have sensitive versions too, which is ideal for very fine or thinning hair.

Boar Bristle and Nylon

The boar bristle and nylon brushes give a bit more structure to the bristles. You still get the benefit of the boar bristles but the nylon makes the bristles a little firmer. That makes these brushes a good choice for normal to thick hair.


Nylon bristles are for thick hair or hard to manage hair, including curly hair. They’re still gentle on your hair and will prevent breakage, but they’re firmer so that they make it easier to detangle your hair. Nylon bristle brushes also have gentle versions for fine or thinning hair.

Shapes and Sizes

Several shapes and sizes are available from Mason Pearson. You might want a smaller brush that’s easier to carry around or perhaps a bigger one to help you deal with your glorious head of hair. The standard shape with a handle comes in large, medium, handy and pocket sizes, while the handleless military brush is available in large or medium. They also have seven different comb options, including dressing combs, tail combs, and pocket combs.

How to Choose the Best Mason Pearson Brush for Your Hair Type and the Benefits

With so many options available for Mason Pearson, choosing the right one for your needs can seem a little tricky. But if you start with the size and shape that you want and then choose the right bristles for your hair, it’s not so daunting. Which size you choose is mostly going to depend on what you want the brush for.

The smaller sizes and the military brushes are great if you want something that’s easy to transport. They’re simple to slip into your bag for the day or pack in your suitcase when you’re travelling. The larger sizes and shapes can be better choices for using at home or if you have more hair to keep under control.

Fine Hair

When you have fine hair, the pure boar bristles are a good choice. They are gentle on your hair and scalp and will reduce the risk of damage or pulling any of your hair out.

Try these options to choose the right brush in different sizes:

Large: The Large Extra B1 hair brush features eight rings of extra tough boar bristle tufts. The broad brush will cover more of your hair, which is perfect if you have longer hair too.

Medium: The Small Extra B2 is a little smaller than the larger option, with seven rings of bristles. It still has pure boar bristles for gentleness on your fine hair.

Handy: Smaller again, the Handy Bristle B3 has six rings of boar bristle tufts. Another option is the Handy Sensitive SB3, which is designed for very fine hair. If your hair is thinning or just isn’t very thick at all, this brush will help to protect it.

Pocket: If you want one of these useful little brushes, with five rings of bristles, the Pocket Bristle B4 has pure boar bristles. The Pocket Sensitive SB4 has even finer boar bristles for very fine hair.

Military: The handless military brushes are available in several sizes. The Large Extra Military B1M has seven rings of pure boar bristles and the Small Extra Military B2M has six rings. For even finer hair, the Sensitive Military SB2M has seven rings of very fine boar bristles.

Thick Hair

A mix of boar hair and nylon is the recommended bristle option for people with thick hair. You get the benefit of the boar bristles, which help to move natural oils through your hair, but also the strength of the nylon for extra help detangling your hair.

Take a look at these options if you want the best Mason Pearson brush for thick hair:

Large: The Popular BN1 gives you eight rings of boar bristle and nylon tufts for extra coverage to help you with thick and long hair.

Medium: Try the medium-sized Junior BN2 for a small seven-ring option with boar hair and nylon bristles.

Handy: The Handy Bristle & Nylon BN3 has six rings of boar bristle and nylon tufts for when you want a smaller option. You might have thick hair that’s on the shorter side, or maybe you’re looking for a travel option.

Pocket: Try the Pocket Bristle & Nylon BN4 for a brush that’s good for when you’re on the go. It has five rings of boar bristle and nylon tufts.

Military: For a larger military brush, there’s the Popular Military BN1M, while the Junior Military BN2M offers a small option.

Curly Hair

Curly hair can be tough to manage, but nylon bristles on your hairbrush can help. There’s no large option with only nylon bristles, but you can choose from a range of other sizes.

Medium: The Universal NU2 has seven rings of nylon tufts, a little smaller than the large brushes.

Handy: Use the Handy Nylon N3 if you want a small brush to use at home or away.

Pocket: The pocket Nylon N4 is a small nylon bristle option, ideal for popping into your bag and carrying with you.

Military: The Universal Military NU2M is the same size as the medium brushes but without a handle to make it more compact.

Thinning Hair

If your hair is thinning, you will want to take extra care not to damage it. The Mason Pearson sensitive pure boar bristle brushes are good for helping to protect your hair. There are three different size options, the Handy Sensitive SB3, the Pocket Sensitive SB4, and the Sensitive Military SB2M, which all have boar bristles.


For children, there’s the Pocket Child CB4. It has five rings of fine boar bristles and is designed for ages 3-6 with one length of bristle across the whole brush. For children who complain about having their hair brushed, this brush allows you to take a gentler approach.

How to Clean Your Mason Pearson Hairbrush

Caring for your Mason Pearson brush in the right way helps to keep it in good condition so it lasts longer. You should clean the pad and bristles now and then to make sure your brush looks its best and you always get good results. Larger models come with a cleaning brush which can also be purchased for the pocket size, but a narrow comb can also be handy for cleaning your brush.

Here are some quick tips for cleaning your brush:

  • Use a comb to loosen hair - start close to the pad and lift hair away as you move around the brush
  • Use the cleaning brush - draw it from one end to the other and diagonally to clean the bristles, then clean off any dust using the tips of the cleaning brush filaments
  • Wash the brush occasionally with lukewarm, soapy water (no other products) - dip the cleaning brush or a comb into soapy suds and draw across the bristles and pad in the same way as when you clean it dry
  • Make sure to always hold the brush with the head pointing down so the hole is the pad is at the bottom and it doesn’t get blocked - shake to remove excess water and leave to air dry with the handle pointing up

A Mason Pearson brush really is worth it if you’re ready to invest in a high-quality hairbrush. All brushes come in four lovely colours too, so you can choose one that you like. Shop our range here.