Kids Wired Headphones Pink


Motorola Squads 200 Headphones - Pink

Motorola’s new Squads headphones, for children aged 3-8, are specially designed to protect a child’s developing hearing with an 85dB safe audio limit and anti-allergic cushion pads.

  • safe volume limit
    The Motorola Squads 200 are specially designed for your child to ensure that volume levels are limited to 85dB for safe listening, as recommended by health authorities across the world.
  • flexible and durable
    The Motorola Squads 200 were designed to be flexible and durable, for a comfortable feel that's reliable.
  • easy sharing
    The Motorola Squads 200 offer an audio splitter, so you can share music using different headphones.




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Kids Wired Headphones Pink
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