Adee Phelan 25mm Barrel Brush


Urbanista by Adee Phelan 'Lock, Shock & Bristle Barrel Brush'.

The 'Lock, Shock & Bristle Barrel Brush' is ideal for achieving that ultra-sleek blow-dried or lusciously curled look. It will help give hair that touch of oomph while smoothing hair strands. 

For normal thickness hair, the 'Lock, Shock & Bristle Barrel Brush' creates beautiful styles and a professional looking blow-dry. 

Made with a chromatic barrel so that the heat from the hairdryer is absorbed and your hair is protected from the damaging effects of heat styling. The bristles help to control static and flyaways and are infused with Argan Oil to keep hair nourished.

Heat the brush using a hairdryer, once the colour has changed, it is ready to use.  




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Adee Phelan 25mm Barrel Brush
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