Nt Steam Steriliser & Dryer


Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser and Dryer is the ONLY steriliser that can sterilise AND dry, resulting in ready-to-use bottles for total convenience!*

Like other sterilisers, this product:

  • Kills 99.9% of germs.
  • Uses natural steam sterilisation.
  • Keeps bottles and other feeding accessories sterile for 24 hours, if lid is unopened.
  • Holds 5 bottles and compatible with all bottle types.
  • Works to sterilise breast pumps, soothers and other feeding accessories.

AND it can also automatically dry your bottles after sterilisation, resulting in ready-to-use bottles for total convenience. Simply open up the steriliser and make up a feed, without having to shake-dry condensation from the bottle.

Select from three cycles:
1. Sterilise (5 minutes) – using natural steam sterilisation method, 99.9% of germs are killed and the five bottles remain sterile for 24 hours (as long as the lid is unopened).
2. Sterilise and Quick-Dry (5 minutes sterilise and 15 minutes dry) – bottles are sterilised and quickly dried**. Great for time-pressed parents.
3. Sterilise and Super-Dry (5 minutes sterilise and 30 minutes dry) – bottles are sterilised, super-dried and ready-to-use!


Please note, the power button is located on the base of the unit.

*UK Market, April 2016, excludes online retailers. ** Some condensation may still be visible. 




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Nt Steam Steriliser & Dryer
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