Pill Cutter


Safe & Sound Health Pill Cutter. 

The Safe & Sound Pill Cutter is an easy and effective way of dividing pills or vitamins into the correct dosage without the use of knives.

How to use: With the pill cutter on a firm flat surface, carefully place the pill as required between the guides. Steadily bring the blade section fully down to cut the pill. Keep fingers away from blades at all times. Retrieve the cut sections by opening the unit. Wash entire unit before first use and any subsequent use as required, with warm soapy water. Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth.

Warning! Keep this item away from children at all times. Sharp blade may present serious risk of injury through cutting. Not suitable for use by infirm patients. Thoroughly inspect all parts before the first use and before each subsequent use to ensure that there are no defects, signs of wear or foreign particles. Replace entire unit immediately if any parts become worn.




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Pill Cutter
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