Treat your Feet this Summer

Treat your Feet this Summer

Thursday 5th June 2014

If you're considering dusting off your flip flops for another year, have you given thought to the fact that your feet have spent an equal amount of time in hibernation too? Having been wrapped up in socks and boots for months on end, it's about time we treated our feet in preparation for their impending public debut.

Here at Click Health & Beauty, we've got all of the necessary tools to spruce up your feet fast, whether you've got pesky hard skin or lacklustre toe nails crying out for a bit of colour, let us take you through the wonder products that will have your feet thanking you in no time. 

From left to right:

Scholl Dual Action Foot File £4.99 - With two different sides providing a full-on attack on hard skin, the Scholl Foot File will remove the nasty stuff before buffing your feet smooth. Your first port of call in your quest for foot perfection, the file is washable so can be reused throughout the summer and into next. 

Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream £5.99 - Once you've put in all of that elbow grease, this hydrating cream from Scholl will maintain all of your hard work without leaving a residue. 

Montagne Jeunesse Foot Buffer Pummice & Mint £4.99 - We all know that Montagne Jeunesse works wonders for our faces, so just imagine what their amazing ingredients can do for our feet! This softening and super-refreshing foot cream can again maintain those soft feet throughout the summer, whilst when the temperatures do finally pick up; the welcome cooling properties of peppermint will soothe tired and hot feet. 

Urbanista Fluro Yellow Toe Nail Clipper £4.99 - Just like the preparation for that first outing in your bathers, if you plan on painting your toe nails, then you'll want to get them in shape first. These fun nail clippers from Urbanista are designed with precision in mind. Get those toe nails in tip-top shape before going crazy with colour. 

Miners Cosmetics Nail Colours £2.99 - Finally to the pretty part. Whether you like to stick to the classic failsafe shades, or experiment with the latest hues, Miners Cosmetics have got a nail colour for everyone. From 'Coral Cutie', to 'Moroccan Mint' and more, with the great price of just £2.99 a bottle, why stop at one or two. 

So that's it....everything you and your feet could possibly need to look their best this summer. Sandals at the ready....go! 

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