Thrills Without the Spills: Toddler Feeding Woes Solved

Thrills Without the Spills: Toddler Feeding Woes Solved

Tuesday 21st October 2014

With products that have thought of and found a solution for a number of the problems parents encounter when bottle and breast feeding, Haberman has been dedicated to creating innovative baby and toddler feeding products that help little ones to develop feeding independence for the last 30 years. 

Working with parents just like yourselves, paediatricians and dental experts, to support both child and parent well-being, Haberman promotes a person-centred approach to feeding care that recognises the differences in family situations. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum, one that is going back to work amid that important breastfeeding time, or someone with an on-the-go toddler on your hands, Haberman has got every eventuality and issue that may arise from it covered. 

New to Click Health & Beauty, and a brand that has got everyone at HQ rather excited, we want to let you into the Haberman secret so you can see for yourselves just how well these products work. First the product for which the brand has become best-known for, the anywayup® cup. 

Inspiration for what remains the best and most popular non-spill cup in the world came when the Creative Director & Founder of Haberman watched as a toddler spilt blackcurrant juice all over her friend's carpet (the stuff that cleaning nightmares are made of!). On this they set about inventing a valve that would feature in the first totally non-drip toddler trainer cup (also known as a 'sippy cup'), that sealed between sips. In 1993, the first anywayup® cup featuring the Haberman valve was made. A product that would go on to revolutionise the feeding products market. 

The Haberman anywayup® Cow Cup is a training cup with a snap-on lid and spout that lets children drink without spilling - basically a godsend. Full of character and designed with purpose, the anywayup® Cow Cup aids development by allowing your baby to have great fun learning to feed independently. They are strong, easy to clean, are manufactured in the EU using the best materials, and are tested to the highest standard. They are also BPA free. 

Designed for babies aged 6 months+ who are starting to drink by themselves, the easy-to-grip handles make the anywayup® Cow Cup manageable for their little hands. Perfect for babies who are at the weaning stage and making the transition from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup as they improve hand-to-mouth coordination, the anywayup® Cow Cup encourages sipping, not guzzling, whilst the rigid and shaped spout helps to deliver liquid past the teeth. 

When your baby has the motor skills to handle a cup but not the skills to keep a drink from spilling, anywayup® Cow Cups will provide them with independence while cutting down on the cleaning for you. 

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Not content with just one cute animal reference, the anywayup® Bird Cup comes in three bright and cheerful colour options and again promises the great results you'll get with its cow print counterpart. 

The anywayup® Bird Cups are colourful, characterful, and are available in a trio of bright shades - green, raspberry and blue - so have immediate tot appeal, but are also designed with parents in mind. Featuring the new improved and fully integrated leak-proof valve, they provide all the thrills with none of the spills. With an eye-catching bird shape and contemporary colours these are the ultimate must-have weaning product. 

The Haberman anywayup® Bird Cup is a training cup (also known as a 'sippy cup') with a twist on lid. As with the anywayup® Cow Cup, they are strong, easy to clean and BPA free. 

Over 40 million non-spill cups and beakers featuring the technology used in the anywayup® Bird and Cow Cups are sold worldwide every year, and here at Click Health & Beauty, we can certainly see why.

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Product Summary of both the anywayup® Cow Cup & Bird Cup:

  • 6 months+
  • No assembly needed
  • Easy to clean
  • Leak proof
  • Microwave safe
  • Capacity: 210ml
  • Dishwasher safe on top rack 65°
  • BPA free
  • Tooled and manufactured in the EU
  • Features patented technology

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