Haberman Soothers 3 To 6 Months


Haberman Dynamic Soother 3-6 months. Two per pack. 

The lovi® dynamic soothers have a unique non-uniform layer of silicone that helps protect the natural suckling rhythm and reduces the nipple biting reflex. Medically tested and created with the help of doctors its unique dynamic structure allows easy breathing through the nose and swallowing of saliva. It helps prevent instinctive biting and enable healthy speech and orthodontic development. 

Product Features

  • Available in Pink/Red or Blue/Green
  • Dynamic action
  • Extends and contracts in accordance with the rhythm of the child suckling
  • Contoured shape
  • Ensures free breathing and the correct swallowing of saliva
  • Shielded design
  • Allows free flow of air and prevents irritation of sensitive baby skin
  • 2 per pack. 

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Haberman Soothers 3 To 6 Months
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