Haberman Manual Breast Pump


Haberman Manual Breast Pump.

The Lovi @ Haberman anywayup® Manual Breast Pump maps the natural course of the two-phases of milk production, mimicking the suckling phases of baby, and so drawing milk efficiently and comfortably. The ergonomic handle offers easier, one-finger pumping whilst the soft, silicone overlay helps to stimulate milk production. 

Product Features

  • Mimics natural two-phase suckling rhythm (stimulation cycle and expressing cycle)
  • Adjustable pressures
  • Comfortable - allows for effortless expressing, even with one finger
  • Gentle - thanks to adjusting the suckling force and massaging cushion
  • Regulated suction strength
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Tested in cooperation with Hospitals

What's included: Haberman Lovi Manual Breast Pump, Carry Bag, 6 x Ultra Thin Breast Pads, Spare Parts including 2 x Valves, Membrane and Funnel Silicone Cushion. 




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Haberman Manual Breast Pump
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